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Pipe & Vessel Fabrication

Triple “S” Industrial Corporation has a state-of-the- art pipe fabrication facility. Our facility occupies 37 acres of land on Hwy. 69, two miles south of Kountze, TX. The facility consists of three separate shops with a total of 28,000 square feet of enclosed fabrication space. Eleven acres of this facility is covered in Limestone Base and is used for laydown and storage area. We currently do pipe fabrication for Total Petrochemicals, Jefferson Energy, Energy Transfer, and many other smaller facilities in our area. We are currently qualified to utilize the following welding processes, SMAW-P1, SMAW-GMAW, SMAW-SAW and GTAW-P1.

We also possess the following code stamps, S-STAMP, R-STAMP, U-STAMP and NB-STAMP. These stamps are valid through November 20, 2022.

Fabrication shops

Shop No. 1 is a 10,000-sf shop that is equipped with the following equipment: two (2) each 5-ton overhead cranes, (6) 1 ton davit cranes, one Lincoln sub-arc welder with 30,000 # capacity rolls, 8 each Miller Pipeworx 400 multifunction welding systems. This shop has the capacity to produce 3,000 lf of pipe spools per 50-hour work week.

Shop No. 2 is a 10,000-sf shop and it is equipped with four (4) each 1 ton davit arm cranes and 8 each Miller 400 welding machines. It has the capacity to produce 2,000 lf of pipe spools per 50-hour work week.

Shop No. 3 is an 8,000 square foot shop and it is equipped with one (1) 10-ton overhead crane and 4 Miller 400 welding machines. This shop has the capacity to produce 1,700 lf of pipe spools per 50 work week.

The production capacities we have stated are based on an average 8” diameter schedule standard pipe spool.

All welding machines are calibrated yearly through a certified tech and all welds are tracked by a CWI on a weld data log and welder data on a continuity log.

fabrication Services

Triple “S” Industrial Corporation fabrication shops are turnkey capable with the ability to fabricate pipe and vessel projects to meet your needs.

Custom Pressure Vessels

Triple “S” Industrial Corporation can design, fabricate, inspect, test, and install custom pressure vessels and process tanks. We manufacture both non-Code and ASME Code vessels to meet your exact product specifications. Along with the vessels and tanks we can provide the necessary attachments – flanges, piping, skids, stands ladders and valves.

We can fabricate both carbon steel and stainless-steel pressure vessels and process tanks not exceeding 100’ length and 10’ diameter.

Material Processing

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