Pipe & Vessel Fabrication

Triple “S” Industrial Corporation proudly presents a state-of-the-art pipe fabrication facility. It meets the needs and provides services for the oil and chemical industry. Triple “S” Industrial Corporation is a full service industrial contractor that offers the best-trained staff available in the area. Our number one goal is to provide the service needed to help our customers excel in their industry. We pride ourselves on the reputation that we have established in the local oil and chemical industries. Triple “S” Industrial Corporation maintains a daily profile of performing the job safely, with qualified personnel, combined with our history of completing projects on time and within budget. The fabrication shop enhances productivity and adds a dimension to the “efficiency team” concept pioneered by our company.

Triple “S” Industrial Corporation Fabrication shops are turnkey capable with the ability to fabricate structural steel, pipe and vessel projects for the industry. The modern welding technology along with plasma cutting and piranha iron working machines offers the best in new millennium fabrication as we move into a new era of trained and skilled craftsperson combined with computer aided construction. These abilities translate to a complete industrial construction company capable of quoting a competitive bid for a total industrial project, individual repair or fabrication project on site or in the field.

   · Custom Pressure Vessels

   · Structural Steel

  •       • Fabrication
  •       • Pipe Supports
  •       • Equipment Structures
  •       • Building Structures
  •       • Installation
  •       • Pipe Racks
  •       • Safety Platforms
  •       • Hand Rails

   · Material Processing